JVA/Prison, Duesseldorf Rath, Germany

FLOOR-WALL-CEILING PAINTING for newly constructed JVA/Prison, Duesseldorf Rath, Germany.
For this public commission Markus Linnenbrink created a floor to ceiling painting covering the visitors tunnel of the new Justiz Vollzugs Anstalt (Prison) in Duesseldorf Rath, Germany. Being a model prison in Europe this institution is built and set up to deal with security and humanity issues in the best possible way.

Visitor access (for family, lawyers, police...) has to be under ground by law in newly constructed prisons in Germany. This tunnel covers the 40 m (about 132 feet) between the security check in the front building and the visitors area in one of the inner prison buildings. Concept for the installation was to create a 3 dimensional painting that follows and surrounds the visitor during the walk through the tunnel. Two sets of diagonal stripes that both grow wider while covering the distance build two different perspectives. One moving inside, the other one taking the visitors back to the exit/entry area. Doing this the single stripes move from floor to wall to ceiling, change their colors over the distance and fold around corners.